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Development of next-generation functional materials by design and assembly of molecules

Supramolecules refers to a molecule in which multiple molecules are assembled with regular structures by inter-molecular noncovalent interactions such as hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic interactions. In our laboratory, we focus on development of supramolecules that exhibit new functions by designing and assembly of functional molecules with simple and beautiful structures. This laboratory was started from March 2019. Students and faculty members enjoy experiments and discussions together, and work hard to reach new original chemistry. Please visit the research page for more information.

Pillar[n]arene Chemistry Firstly Made from Japan

Synthesis, Structure and Functionalization of Pillar[n]arenes

Planar Chirality

Interlocked Molecules

Molecular-scale Porous Materials

Polymeric Materials Showing Long Lifetime Phosphorescence

New Material Series “Three-dimensional Carbon Frameworks”

Interested in joining our group

We look for PhD students and postdocs, who are full of curiosity. Please contact to Tomoki Ogoshi.

PhD Positions

PhD(Doctoral) positions are available usually starting in April or October. Please contact to Tomoki Ogoshi.
Financial Support: Kyoto University has started the Fellowship for Materials Science (FS-MAT) from 2021. The successful candidates will obtain financial support for their living expenses and research activities.

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