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Double-Modification of Lectin Using Two Distinct Chemistries for Fluorescent Ratiometric Sensing and Imaging Saccharides in Test Tube or in Cell

E. Nakata, Y. Koshi, E. Koga, Y. Katayama, I. Hamachi*
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 13253-13261 (2005)

Globular Self-aggregates Formed with A Urea-functionalized Resorcinarene Derivative in Chloroform

O. Hayashida*, S. Matsumoto, I. Hamachi*
Chem. Lett., 34, 1276-1277 (2005)

Three Distinct Reading-out Modes for Enzyme Acticity can be Operated in Semi-wet Supramolecular Hydrogel

S. Tamaru, S. Kiyonaka, I. Hamachi*
Chem. -A Euro. J., 11, 7294-7304 (2005)

Cooperation between Artificial Receptor and Supramolecular Hydrogel for Sensing and Discriminating Phosphate Derivatives

S. Yamaguchi, I. Yoshimura, T. Kohira, S. Tamaru, I. Hamachi*
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 127, 11835-11841 (2005)

Luminescent Saccharide Biosensor by Using Lanthanide-Bound Lectin Labeled with Fluorescein

Y. Koshi, E. Nakata, I. Hamachi*
ChemBioChem, 6, 1349-1352 (2005)

Simple and Practical Semi-wet Protein/Peptide Array Utilizing a Micelle-mixed Agarose Hydrogel

S. Tamaru, S. Yamaguchi, I. Hamachi*
Chem. Lett., 34, 294-295 (2005)

Suzuki Coupling for Protein Modification

A. Ojida, H. Tsutsumi, N. Kasagi, I. Hamachi*
Tetrahedoron Lett., 46, 3301-3305 (2005)

Synthesis and Guest-binding Study of Polytopic Multi(cyclophane) Hosts

O. Hayashida*, Y. Takaoka, I. Hamachi*
Tetrahedoron Lett., 46, 6589-6592 (2005)

Cyclophane-lectin Conjugates as A New Class of Water-soluble Host

O. Hayashida*, I. Hamachi
J. Incl. Phenom. Macro. Chem., 53, 57-61 (2005)

Preparation and Unique Circular Dichroism Phenomena of Urea-Functionalized Self-Folding Resorcinarenes Bearing Chiral Termini through Asymmetric Hydrogen Bonding Belts

O. Hayashida*, J. Ito, S. Matsumoto, I. Hamachi
Org. Biomol. Chem., 3, 654-660 (2005)

pH-Responsive Shrinkage/Swelling of Supramolecular Hydrogel Comprised of Two Components of Amphiphilic Small Molecules

S-L. Zhou, S. Matsumoto, H-D Tian, H. Yamane, A. Ojida, S. Kiyonaka, I. Hamachi*
Chem. -A Euro. J., 11, 1130-1136 (2005)

Review Paper List


古志 洋一郎、中田 栄司、浜地 格
現代化学, 407 (2005)


本田 圭、浜地 格
バイオインダストリー, 11, 39-44 (2005)

人工糖鎖超分子: マクロ環型糖クラスターと糖ヒドロゲルの構築と機能

林田 修、浜地 格
糖鎖化学の基礎と実用化, 236-249, シーエムシー出版 (2005)


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