Associate professor [Hakubi]   中村 秀樹 - Hideki Nakamura -


Hideki Nakamura received his Ph. D. from the University of Tokyo, majoring in non-linear non-equilibrium physics (Masaki Sano Lab).
He then joined Katsuhiko Mikoshiba Lab in RIKEN Brain Science Institute, working on spatio-temporal analysis of subcellular calcium signals dependent on IP3 receptor, as a postdoctoral fellow.
After that, he joined Takafumi Inoue Lab in Waseda University Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience as an assistant professor.
He worked on quantitative measurement of intracellular protein diffusion using FRAP and FCS, as well as cell biological projects related to primary cilia in the lab.
From 2014, he studied abroad at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, joining Takanari Inoue Lab as a postdoctoral fellow.
There, he developed several techniques based on synthetic biological tools that can manipulate dimerization of specific pair of peptides in living cells.
He joined Hamachi Lab in October, 2019 as a program specific assistant professor.
In 2021, he was promoted to a program specific associate professor.

His research interests include synthetic biology and biophysics.

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