Dr. Muhammad Jbara (Tel Aviv University)
"Deciphering the Role of PTMs on the DNA Binding Activity of Transcription Factors Using Chemical Protein Synthesis"
2024.06.06(thu) 16:00-17:30 A2-307
Associate Prof. Peng Zou (Peking University)
"Spatially resolved mapping of N-glycoproteome with subcellular precision"
2024.4.22(mon) 16:00-17:30 A2-008
Dr. Alexander J. Cresswell (University of Bath)
"Lighting the way to new disconnections for amines and azacycles"
2024.4.9(tue) 15:00-15:45 A2-307
Dr. Scott D. Lovell (University of Bath)
"Screening Approaches for the Identification of Covalent Peptide Inhibitors"
2024.4.9(tue) 15:45-16:30 A2-307

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