Science and Technology for Making Molecules

Welcome to Laboratory of Synthetic Organic Chemistry

The objectives of our research group are to discover new principles, which govern organic reactions and new methodologies for making organic molecules having various functions.


  • We held a Year-End party. (2019/12/20) >Photos
  • Prof. Nagaki awarded SSOCJ Tosoh Award for Environment and Energy2019. (2019/12/15)
  • We went to Awara onsen (hot spring) as a lab trip. (2019/10/22-23) >Photos
  • Mr. Guan Kaiteng joined our group as a research student. (2019/10/01)
  • Our Secretary, Ms. Yoko Uekawa left our group. We enjoyed working with you! (2019/09/30)
  • Ms. Ariannna TOTA and Mr. Marco COLELLA finished their work in our group and returned to University of Bari. Farewell, Ariannna and Marco! (2019/07/25)
  • We held a welcome and encouragement party for graduate entrance exam in a BBQ restaurant. (2019/07/02)
  • Mr. Daisuke Ryuzaki joined our group as a seconded-researcher.(2019/07/01)
  • Dr. Kei Maekawa joined our group as a seconded-researcher.(2019/06/05)
  • We were the runner-up in the department softball tournament as a unified team with Ogoshi lab. (2019/05/29)
  • We held a BBQ party at Kyoto University. (2019/05/24)
  • Visiting student Ms. Arianna TOTA (University of Bari) joined our group. (2019/04/30)
  • Dr. Heejin KIM of our group took up a new position of Assistant Professor at Korea University. (2019/02/15)
  • Visiting student Mr. Marco COLELLA (University of Bari) joined our group. (2019/01/23)
  • Dr. Aiichiro NAGAKI took up a new position of Associate Professor. (2018/06/01)
  • Professor Jun-ich YOSHIDA (Chair of Synthetic Chemistry, Laboratory of Synthetic Organic Chemistry) retired on age. (2018/03/31)
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