Prof. Morten Meldal (University of Copenhagen, DENMARK)
"Organozymes: metallopeptides in catalysis and biocatalysis"
2016.11.15 17:00-18:00 A2-308
Prof. Tony James (University of Bath, UK)
"Boronic Acids : Recognition, Sensing and Assembly"
2016.10.19 16:00-17:00 A2-308
Prof. Andy Wilson (University of Leeds, UK)
"Adventures in Non-Covalent Chemistry : From Self-Assembly to Protein Surface Recognition"
2016.10.19 17:00-18:00 A2-308
Associate Prof. Subi Jacob George (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, INDIA)
"Thermodynamic and Kinetic Control over Growth of Supramolecular Stacks"
2016.7.21 13:00-14:30 A2-308
Prof. Christian P.R. Hackenberger (Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, GERMANY)
"The power of chemoselectivity : Chemical phosphorylation and cellular delivery of functional peptides and proteins"
2016.5.26 16:00-17:30 A2-306
Dr. Peter Crowley (National University of Ireland)
"Protein Self-Assembly"
2016.4.14 16:00-17:30 A2-302
Prof. Helma Wennemers (ETH Zürich, SWITZERLAND)
"Bioinspired Asymmetric Catalysis with Peptides and Other Small Molecules"
2016.1.27 16:00-17:30 A2-308
鈴木 孝禎  教授 (京都府立医科大学大学院 医学研究科)
2016.1.7 14:45-16:15 A2-306

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