About Kyoto

Kyoto used to be the capital city of Japan for over 1,000 years, and thus, used to be at the heart of Japanese culture and politics. You can find a myriad of temples and shrines intact, along with a castle. This legacy has been recognized by UNESCO, which has designated seventeen separate sites within Kyoto's borders as World Cultural Heritage sites. In addition, 20% of Japan's national treasures and 15% of the country's cultural properties can all be found in Kyoto. Since Kyoto was the seat of the Imperial household for so long, master artisans gathered there to serve the Emperor and his court. Kyoto pottery, fabrics, tea ceremony traditions, dance, cuisine and calligraphy from Kyoto are still highly regarded throughout Japan. See here for more informations.

Kyoto in October
After a hot and humid summer, the autumn in Kyoto is clear and the temperatures are moderate. Kyoto’s average highest temperature in October is 23 °C and the lowest is 14 °C.