Prof. Dirk Trauner (University of Munich, GERMANY)
"Teaching Old Receptors New Tricks"
2010.11.29 16:00-17:30 A2-307
Prof. Chun-Hung Hans Lin (Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, TAIWAN)
"Drug Discovery of Glycosidases"
2010.11.18 16:00-17:30 A2-305
Prof. Guy LIPPENS (Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, FRANCE)
"NMR of tau - insights in its physiological and pathological role"
2010.10.21 16:00-17:30 A2-307
Prof. Benjamin Davis (University of Oxford, UK)
"Sugars and Proteins"
2010.9.6 16:00-17:30 A2-307
Prof. Jonathan L. Sessler (University of Texas at Austin, USA)
"Complexation-based Anticancer Drug Development Efforts. An Update of Work in the Sessler Group"
2010.6.11 16:30-17:30 A2-305
Prof. Philip A. Gale (University of Southampton, UK)
"New Anion Receptors and Transporters"
2010.6.11 15:30-16:30 A2-305
Prof. John Fossey (University of Birmingham,UK)
"Exploiting boron’s interaction with diols in sensing and separation"
2010.4.9 16:00-17:30 A2-305
Prof. Francisco M. Raymo (University of Miami, USA)
"Photoswitchable Luminescent Probes for Fluorescence Nanoscopy"
2010.1.14 16:00-17:30 A2-306

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