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Supramolecular Construction of Covalently and Noncovalently-linked Photoinduced Electron Transfer Systems in Myoglobin Scaffold

H. Takashima, Y-Z. Hu, K. Sano, S. , S. Shinkai, S. Oishi, I. Hamachi*
Electorchemistry, 69, 942-945 (2001)

Zn(II) Dipicolylamine-based Artificial Receptor as A New Entry for Surface Recognition of a-Helical Peptides in Aqueous Solution

Y. Mito-oka, S. Tsukiji, T. Hiraoka, N. Kasagi, S. Shinkai, I. Hamachi*
Tetrahedron Lett., 42, 7059-7062 (2001)

Solid-phase Lipid Synthesis (SPLS)-2: Incidental Discovery of Organogelators Based on Artificial Glycolipids

I. Hamachi*, S. Kiyonaka, S. Shinkai
Tetrahedron Lett., 42, 6141-6145 (2001)

Post-Photoaffinity Labeling Modification Using Aldehyde Chemistry to Produce a Fluorescent Lectin toward Sacchariide-Biosensors

T. Nagase, S. Shinkai, I. Hamachi*
Chem. Commun., 3, 229-230 (2001)

Pd(en) as a Sequence-Selective Molecular Pinch for a-Helical Peptides

I. Hamachi*, N. Kasagi, S. Kiyonaka, T. Nagase, Y. Mito-oka, S. Shinkai
Chem. Lett., 1, 16-17 (2001)

Review Paper List


馬場 嘉信、三原 久和、浜地 格、杉本 直己
化学, 56, 12-18 (2001)


浜地 格
高分子, 50, 320 (2001)


新海 征治、浜地 格
化学と工業, 54, 691-693 (2001)

Incorporation of Artificial Receptors into a Protein/Peptide Surface: a Strategy for On/Off Type of Switching of Semisynthetic Enzymes

I. Hamachi*, J. Watanabe, R. Eboshi, T. Hiraoka, S. Shinkai
Biopolymers 55, 459-468 (2001)


清中 茂樹、浜地 格、新海 征治
表面, 39, 206-214 (2001)


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