Symposium FY2011

The 5th Innovative Area Symposium (January 28-29, 2012, Osaka)

  • Invited lecture and presentations by research members
    Date    : January 28(Sat.)-29(Sun.), 2012
    Place   : Sigma Hall (International Building, School of Engineering Science)
    Location: Toyonaka Campus, Osaka University
    Mixer   : January 28(Sat.) at Osaka University Hall
  • Invited Speaker
    Prof. Jay S. Siegel (Organic Chemistry Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland)

The 7th International Symposium on Integrated Synthesis (ISIS-7) (October 9-10, 2011, Kobe)

  • Invited lectures and poster discussion about integrated organic synthesis
    Date    : October 9-10,2011
    Place   : Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa Kobe
  • Organization Committee
    Yoshito Tobe(Osaka University)
    Jun-ichi Yoshida(Kyoto University)
  • Keynote Speaker
    Prof. Masahiko Iyoda (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
  • Invited Speakers
    Prof. Kaori Ando (Gifu University)
    Prof. Yutaka Matsuo (The University of Tokyo)
    Prof. Joji Ohshita (Hiroshima University)
    Prof. Ruben Martin Romo (Institut Catala d'Investigacio Quimica, Tarragona, Spain)
    Prof. Michio Murata (Osaka University)
    Prof. Takeo Kawabata (Kyoto University)
    Prof. Thomas Wirth (Cardiff University, UK)
    Prof. Ken-Tsung Wong (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)
  • Link
    More Information for ISIS-7

The 4th Innovative Area Symposium (June 20-21, 2011, Hokkaido)

  • Invited lecture and presentations by research members
    Date    : June 20(Mon.)-21(Tue.), 2011
    Place   : Conference Hall
    Location: Sapporo Campus, Hokkaido University
    Mixer   : June 20(Mon.) at Sapporo Aspen Hotel
  • Invited Speaker
    Prof. Peter Baeuerle
    (institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials, University of Ulm, Germany)

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