The 12th Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Architecture of Functional Organic Molecules

Date : August 30 - September 3, 2019

Venue : Hotel Co-op Inn Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

   〔〒604-8113 京都市中京区柳馬場蛸薬師上ル井筒屋町411〕

Organizing Committee :

     Kenji Matsuda (Kyoto University, Chair)
     Shigeru Yamago (Kyoto University)
     Satoru Hiroto (Kyoto University)
     Jye-Shane Yang(National Taiwan University)
     Shih-Sheng Sun (Academia Sinica)

Schedule :
     August 30 (Fri) - arrival, welcome reception at the hotel
     August 31 (Sat) - meeting in the hotel, dinner at "Tentora"
     Sept 1 (Sun)- meeting in the hotel, banquet at the hotel
     Sept 2 (Mon) - exchange meeting
     Sept 3 (Tue) - departure

Registration and Abstract Submission : Registration Form

Abstract Template : Download Here (docx)

Time Table : Time Table (PDF)

Participants : Participants (PDF)

Sponsors :
     SPIRITS 2018 of Kyoto University
     International Joint Usage/Research Center, Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
     Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Unit for the Top Global Course, CPIER, Kyoto University
     Royal Society of Chemistry
     Shimadzu Corporation
     Rigaku Corporation
     Sanshin Metal Working
     Kyoto Rikagaku Kikai
     Masuda Medical Instruments

Contact :
     Kenji Matsuda (Kyoto University)